What shop stock would you like to see?

The shop is located in the green container and association members are welcome to buy their gardening supplies from it (keys are held by the chairman, secretary, treasurer, lettings officer as well as Maggie and Nigel).  We aim to stock the sort of supplies that you might need, hopefully slightly cheaper than you can buy in the shops normally.

We’d like our members to tell us of anything they’d like us to consider stocking.  Maybe some particular type of netting or labels?  Particular varieties of potato?  Let one of the committee members know of any ideas you might have, or send an email to the members mailing list.  We can’t promise that it will get stocked as it will depend on availability and prices, but we’ll do our best.


8ft Canes back in stock

If you’re getting your peas and beans planted, or just making a fortress for your brassicas to keep the pigeons off, you’ll be pleased to hear that we have 8ft canes back in stock in the shop.