Site Improvements

Landscapers have cleared the roadside verge, to the right of the allotment entrance. It is hoped that in the future this can to be maintained by mowing.

They have also cleared the brambles in front of A1, making a better area for parking.

They have also cleared inside and along our boundary fence to the left of the entrance gate and have ground out the tree stumps next to plot C02S.

Plots C10 & C11

Following the completion of the BBC filming the boundaries of C10 and C11 have been posted so it can be brought into use.

The fence will allow a path for general access alongside C10. This is not intended for cars. It will also ensure access to the water pipes that ran through that area.

The fencing will also allow for a path to continue to the gate on the side of C12N at least for the foreseeable future.

Parking for C10 and C11 plots will be provided at the area in front of the plots as per adjacent plots.

The Lettings Officer has already circulated an email regarding the heaps and mounds that are in the process of being removed. There will then be no availability for general parking or bonfires.

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