Applying for a plot

An allotment is a great way to get out in the fresh air, grow healthy fruit and veg and get to meet lots of local folk!  Lots of people are realising this and so we’ve usually got a waiting list of potential plot holders.  The majority of plots become available around September/October when the annual rents are paid, but occasionally a plot can appear at other times of the year when an existing plot holder gives up their plot (usually through changes in family circumstances, moving away or ill health).

As the full size plots on our site are much larger than at some other sites we usually aim to give new plot holders a half size plot.  This not only means that more people can get off the waiting list and get growing, but also gives newcomers to allotmenteering a chance to find their feet.  Turning a full plot into a cultivated, productive space can take a lot of time, energy and expense, so having a half plot initially allows people to assess how well they can manage their space before considering upgrading to a full plot in a year or two.  We typically only allow existing plot holders to apply for more plots if they have shown that they can maintain their existing plot to a suitably well cultivated standard.  Even a half sized plot on our site can supply you with a good range of fruit and veg throughout the year!

Potential plot holders should contact Pete, our Lettings Officer on plot C12S (or give him a ring on 01789 269927), to ask to be added to our waiting list and to discuss the site, available plots and our rules and regulations.  If you want to read the association’s constitution we’ve popped a copy online

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