Applying for a Plot

An allotment is a great way to get out in the fresh air, grow healthy fruit and vegetables and get to meet lots of local folk!  Many people are realising this and so we’ve usually got a waiting list of potential plot holders.

We are sorry to say the Allotment Waiting List is now closed to new applicants.

There are a large number of current applicants to work through.  This may take several years to do so, but please do check back regularly to this page to see if the list has been re-opened.


There are 70 plots on the site and vacancies generally become available around September/October after the growing season and when the annual rents are due, but occasionally a plot can appear at other times of the year when an existing plot holder gives up their plot (usually through changes in family circumstances, moving away or ill health).

The average size of a plot is 250 square meters (approx 10m x 25m). This is about the national average.  A well managed and cultivated plot of this size can supply you with a good range of fruit and vegetables throughout the year. A plot costs about £35 per annum. This includes membership of the Association, rent and water (the water costs vary from time to time, depending on overall site usage).

For those without an allotment plot, but who help others on the site, there is a Garden Membership level which is available for £5 per annum. This includes Public Liability Insurance, use of the shop and access to the Association Equipment.

Potential plot holders should contact Pete, our Lettings Officer on plot C12S, to discuss the site, the waiting list and any available plots. Below is the SITE PLAN and an APPLICATION FORM.

ATAGA_Site Plan / Plot Layout

ATAGA Plot Application Form 20191006

Further information concerning plot ownership are to be found below:-

Site Guidelins 20190300

Subleaseletter 2019_20

ATAGA Constitution 131027

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