Do you want to stay in touch?

With approximately 85 Plot Holders, Association Members and Trustees our allotment community is a respectable size. One of the key needs is to make every member feel part of the Association and good communication is at the heart of achieving this.

At the present time almost all members are contactable by email, in fact this year the renewal of the plot agreements and the payment of fees was achieved almost entirely via email and on line. As you will appreciate it isn’t easy contacting every member on a regular basis. However for the every-day exciting topics that go on in the Association, there is another way………..

You can post information to other followers such as Produce Availability, delivery of Wood Chippings, sources of Materials (wood, pea sticks etc.) or make contact for Help and Advice.

Are you following our Website? 

Some people are already following it and we are aiming to encourage every member to sign up and follow the posts on the website. You will then know what is happening now and in the future in ATAGA as well as have online access to the successful SPROUT NEWS LETTER and be notified of other activities and events. 

How do I sign up and follow? 

  • Select or Copy the link above and enter this into your browser and log onto the ATAGA Website. It should look like the picture to the left.
  • Under the floral header are a series of tabs, select the “Welcome” tab.
  • Under the header the page is divided into two columns, at the top of the right hand column is a green button saying “FOLLOW BLOG VIA EMAIL” click on this button.
  • Enter your email address in the white box with the flashing cursor.
  • Hit the “FOLLOW” button and that’s it. The layout of the box will change and you will get a confirmatory note.
  • You will then receive a short email saying that you have signed up and asking you to  hit a “Confirm Follow” button. 

You will then get updates when they are published on the website.

  • You can always “Un Follow” if you  change your mind at a later date.

Thanks for your continued support………

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